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AOK manufacture their Swiss Balls in Australia, for the needs of the health and fitness industry. We have not modified toy balls to do something for which they were not designed. AOK balls are purpose designed and tested, heavy weight balls which resist compression under load, particularly during exercise.

mediBall PRO Plus® Features

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  • New Label
    To assist you in keeping track of your Swiss ball inflation history .......
  • New Mould
    The mediBall Pro Plus® looks a little different........
  • New Testing
    We have developed a new test to help us ensure we offer safe long life Swiss balls.......
  • New Gym Charts
    We have free downloadable inflation and care and use charts.......
  • New Procedures
    We have put together some simple procedures for you to implement.......

Latest News

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    AOK has a Brand New Blog called "Fitness Connect" full of useful info and articles. Check it out and leave a comment if you have any thoughts.
  • » Export Award

  • » Virgin Active

    AOK is proud to announce that we are the official Manufacturer and Supplier of the Virgin Active Exercise Ball, in association with Escape Fitness, WORLDWIDE...view »
  • » Paul Chek

    Paul Chek recommends AOK Swiss Balls...
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