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mediBall® Accessories

Adaptors & Plugs

AOK's Swiss Balls come standard with 1 Plug and 1 Adaptor but spares are available. Suitable for all AOK Swiss Balls, these adaptors attach to most standard compressors allowing you to inflate your Swiss ball to the correct size.

These plugs simply push in to the air inlet hole to prevent your Swiss ball from deflating through air leakage.

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mediBall® Adaptors and PLugs

Ball Rack

With a burst resistant rating of 500kg and independent testing conducted by the University of Newcastle, the AOK mediball Pro® is reputed to be the strongest and safest Swiss ball in the world - well no more! AOK's research and development department has surpassed the mediball Pro® technology to introduce the mediBall MAX®.

The mediBall MAX® has a burst resistant rating of 750kg, a non-slip surface and is available in black or gold.

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mediBall® Rack

Ball Stacker Rings

The Ball Stacker Ring is perfect for the home or small studio to store your Swiss Ball while not in use. It is also an effective display stand for small, restricted areas.

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Stacker Rings

9 Arm Ball Tree

Made from very light-weight, chrome plated steel, the Ball Tree is a very effective display unit and functional storage option for the gym/fitness centre. The Ball Tree is available with a full base, half base or for corner use.

The Full Base comes with 9 arms - so you can easily store up to 9 Swiss Balls on it, and there is plenty of room to store any medicine or pilates balls on the base.

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9 arm Ball Tree

Ball Web

The BallWeb is an innovative device which fits over a Swiss ball (55cm - 75cm) to enable the more effective and versatile use of resistor cords, providing a fun and challenging workout.The BallWeb is ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

No matter what your exercise goals, the BallWeb can help with toning, strengthening and core stability. This is a God-send for the mobile fitness trainer. Challenging the beginner right through to the elite athlete.

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Ball Web

Bellow Pump - 5 Litre

  • Made from high density polypropylene and ideal for use with the mediBall®.
  • Easy to operate with its high volume foot operated pump.
  • Great for inflating the mediBall® at home.

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Bellow Pump - 5 litre

mediBall® Dynamics DVD

This instructional video/DVD provides a wide range of mediBall and floor exercises to help develop postural flexibility, stability and strength. With over 25 mediBall exercises, 10 flexibility exercises and an abdominal routine, each exercise is both demonstrated and explained to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your mediBall workout.

In addition, each exercise is referenced. This is great for health and fitness professionals wanting to prescribe 'homework' exercises for clients and/or patients

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mediBall® Dynamics DVD

mediBall® Wallchart

An A2 size visual representation of the mediBall® exercises, stretches and ab workout featured in the mediBall® Dynamics DVD

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mediBall® Wallchart

Practitioner Kit

This kit is perfect for any practitioner who includes the mediBall® in their regime. It includes the mediBall® Dynamics DVD, mediBall® Prescription Pad, and a mediBall® Wallchart. All exercises are numbered and in the same sequence for easy cross referencing.

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Practitioner Kit

Prescription Pad

New carbonless duplicates. Each exercise on the mediBall® Dynamics DVD is referenced. Great for health and fitness professionals wanting to prescribe exercises for clients and patients.

The A4 size Prescription Pads complement the DVD, making safe homework exercises even easier to prescribe. (50 Sheets)

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Prescription Pad