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mediBall® PRO plus features

New Label

To assist you in keeping track of your Swiss ball inflation history we have modified our mediball Pro® Plus label to include space for you to write the batch number and inflation date of the ball. The batch number is marked on the plastic wrapper the ball comes in (see diagram, click to enlarge »). See Procedure for Care and Use of a Swiss Ball


For Quality and Safety, AOK are the only Swiss Ball producer in the World to label their balls with a batch number and inflation date.

New Batch Label

New Mould

The mediball Pro® Plus looks different from other Swiss balls. We createdw moulds which give even greater resistance to wear and tear in your gym or clinic.


This is the most attractive Swiss ball in the market place.

mediBall® PRO Plus

New Testing

We developed a test to help us ensure we offer safe long life Swiss balls. Every mediball Pro® Plus is test inflated and inspected by hand at manufacture prior to packaging. The skilled Australian staff take great pride in making a great product.

In addition to the burst resistant testing undertaken by AOK we have also developed a cyclic loading test where we subject the mediball Pro® Plus to repeated loading of 500kg and 1000kg force this was repeated over 1000 times. mediball Pro® Plus passed with flying colours!

Note at 500 kgs mediball Pro® Plus compressed only 200mm unlike other well known brands which compressed to over 300mm far too soft and spongy for effective exercise.

New Gym Charts

We have free downloadable inflation and care and use charts for you to place on gym or clinic walls near your ball training area. Correct inflation is essential for safe ball care and use.

New Procedures

We have put together some simple procedures for you to implement in your gym or clinic for the safe care and use of your Swiss balls. Swiss balls are very effective tools but are also provide a very dangerous environment that may lead to injury of your clients or staff. It is essential that you take charge of this risk and put in your own policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your clients and staff who may wish to use Swiss balls.


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